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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Social Justice: Water

This month's theme for the Social Justice Challenge is Water. I will admit that when it comes to water, I don't really think much about it. It's something that I've always taken for granted. when I'm thirsty there's always water available for me to drink. Both hot and cold faucets work, and my throat has never grown parched from the lack of water availability. But I've been scanning through articles related to water issues, and they got me to start thinking. Especially about the dwindling availability to water, which is so integral to our survival, and the commoditization of water. A lot of the articles I've been coming across were depressing and scary and sad, and I think I ought to make a self-resolution on what actions I can take to personally save on water...

But enough about me and my fumblings. I'd like to point out an article I found most fascinating and informative:

How Peru is netting water supplies - I am in love with the concept of capturing fog as a source of water. 8D And I liked how it followed up with the realities of Peru and the water crisis at hand, how change must be had.


Perhaps these are a little too feel good, but I think it's also important to see hopeful, possible solutions to the water crisis, y/n?

Do also consider checking out the reviews written for this month. I'm particularly excited now to read Frank Herbert's Dune from this review. Or if you feel like recommending an article/documentary/book/anything related to this water issue, or any action steps I can take, please do let me know in the comments


Beth said...

Hi! I am visiting from The Saturday Network and I love the idea of having a monthly post of social justice issues! I lead a team of students at my school (as the staff advisor) and we just finished up fundraising enough money to build a school in Kenya for Free the Children.

susan said...

Thanks so much for this.