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Monday, February 22, 2010

Chromatic Casting Meme: The Dark Divine - Kdrama style

Hahaha, I had to do the chromatic casting for The Dark Divine (review here) because, seriously, the storyline makes this TOO EASY. Also allows me to slack off on reviews while still feeling like I'm being productive. K-drama style, for obvious reasons.

So Ji Sub as Daniel

Mostly inspired by that moment in the novel where he goes from shaggy look to clean cut sexiness. So Ji Sub can look good in anything. ♥

Shin Min Ah as Grace

Because she's so sweet-faced, and I can totally see her as the pastor's daughter. Also, the DIMPLES. ♥

Hyun Bin as Jude

I had to shove in Hyun Bin, my first S.Korean celeb crush in, obviously. I know he often plays the cold arrogant guy with the soft heart inside, but I'm also just as sure that he can pull the role in reverse. And: DIMPLES. ♥ (I'm telling you, the Divine family is totally a dimpled-faced family. It's the Truth)

Chun Ho Jin as Father Divine

Influenced by his role in Will it Snow For Christmas. He can totally pull off the pastor look.

Song Ok Sook as Mother Divine

I didn't watch much of Smile (didn't like it, sorry) but what I remember of her, I thought she would make a good fit too. =D

Rain as Pete

Oh, I am so mean for doing this, but I can totally see him as the swarmy boyfriend type. Fans, don't kill me please.

I didn't bother including the rest of the Divine family or April because I just didn't have a good enough grasp of their characters to warrant a thoughtful(ish) casting. But, of course, if you'd like to make suggestions, I'm all ears.


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Tuning Into YA Books said...

I <3 KOrean dramas <3 great idea! I do the same thing, but with a more braod choice of actors. Go visit it (I did it for Silver Phoenix, using Kim so eun and oh ji ho).

Also, <3 hyun bin as jude

yuan said...

Yay for kdrama love! Do this with meeeeeeee DO IT!! *____*

susan said...

All these beautiful people. I suppose I should go find out what the book is about.

ninefly said...

So Ji Sub!!!!

that is all.

yuan said...


lol, while this is definitely not the best debut of the year, I enjoyed it a lot. =D


There is a serious lack of Shin Min Ah love in your comment. That is disappointing. *shakes head at you*

Bree Biesinger Despain said...

I love this! These guys are so hot. I'd love to see them all playing my characters in a Korean tv show. Thanks for the fun!

Misty said...

I haven't read this, so I can't say how they measure up for me, but Hyun Bin? Oh my... (Oh, dimples, how I love thee)