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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese Gals Front and Centre - My First 50+ Followers Giveaway! (Exclusively Chloe OR Mountain Girl River Girl)

... I have no excuse for not posting up this giveaway sooner. I mean, I had the giveaway spreadsheet more or less done, and I picked out all the photos, I was just too damn lazy. BUT NO MORE. Without further ado, I'd like to present my First Giveaway in honour of having reached 50+ followers!!! *throws confetti everywhere*

As the title of my giveaway suggests, this is all about the Chinese Gals, FRONT AND CENTRE. In other words, the books I'm giving away both have very awesome Chinese girls as our beloved protagonists. The two books areeeeee *drumrolls*

1. Exclusively Chloe by J. A. Yang OR 2. Mountain Girl River Girl by Ting-xing Ye

Note: Both are lightly used. As I had MGRG longer, it does have two coffee spots on the sides of the book, but it didn't ruin the pages or anything. (I totally swore off coffee now so this won't happen with my other books. Really! I've been going strong for 2 months!!) No stains on EC though.

That's right, I'm only going to be giving away ONE of these books. Unless, of course, I get 100+ followers, then the prizes mayyyyyyy possibly be both. Possibly. *winks*

Also, *deep breath* This contest is opened INTERNATIONALLY!! (watches my wallet cry softly) And um, contest deadline is momentarily up till March 4th 11:59 PM EST, but I will probably extend it. Once I figure out how to change the date on the Google Doc form, anyhow. (Help? Please? *_*)

What must you have in order to participate?

1) Be a follower. I know, this sucks, but this is really a follower's giveaway at heart, Old followers shall be rewarded, et all.

2) Leave your google friend connect name and a email so that I can contact you


Of course, there are the usual ways to get extra entries. tweeting, sidebar, blog post, add up entries... BUT I thought to add to my fun, I'm also going to have another way for y'all to get extra entries called Recognize Your Chinese Actresses?. Basically, Look at the 5 photos of chinese actresses before you. If you know any or all of them, name the # of the photo, then name of actress (+1)(+2) and/or a show/movie she was casted in (+1)(+2). Soooo, you can get up to twoFOUR points for each actress and if you know ALL FIVE, You can get up to TWENTY. yes, TWENTY points. =D I wish y'all the best of luck. ETA: I'M A DUMBASS AND CAN'T DO MATH. It's edited now, but basically you get two points for actress name and ANOTHER two points for actress movie/tv show. So it's FOUR points in total and THUS does actually add up to twenty. Sorry for the confusion. T______T



And that's it! If, however, you for some strange reason need convincing that either Exclusively Chloe or Mountain Girl River Girl is worth the read, click the cut link and I'll tell you why these books rock.
First up, in alphabetical order, my pimping of Exclusively Chloe. Why do you want to read this, you say? Because this is the sweetest, funniest adoptee story EVAR. Seriously, when was the last time you read a fluffy adoptee story? What's that? NEVER?! *le gasp* Obviously you ought to rectify this by READING EXCLUSIVELY CHLOE NOW. Chloe is so sweet and relatable and her adventures are adorable. Also we all need more glamourous Asian girls in our lives. AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE FAKE DAD. OMG THE FAKE DAD, SO AWESOME. He was all blackmailed into doing his job and then the NEXT THING YOU KNOW he's all, "Hi Chloe do you want to eat my baked cookies?" and "Chloe dear, how's school? Meet any cute boys?" and taking his dad role way too seriously and it's ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT. ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE. *squees*

But then, you may go, Yuan! I don't want your silly adorably sparkly pink story stuff. I am all about srs bzn here. Give me down-to-earth, meaningful relationships with a touch of hearbreak!

To which I say, well then, I also have the perfect book for you! It's name is Mountain Girl River Girl and I hope you can handle the combination of two lovely ladies being awesome. Whereas our Exclusively Chloe is about a Chinese girl in the US, our ladies here are in contemporary Mainland China, trying to make their way on their own. Our girls have the loveliest friendship ever, and, get this, they talk to each other about things totally unrelated to boys!!! Do my eyes deceive me? Does this YA book pass the bedchel test?! Stare at this book and BELIEVE.

Also, their friendship is kinda just really awesome on their own. Shui-lian is our firecracker and Pan-pan is more quiet and sensible (in comparison at any rate). Allow me to illustrate.

Nice Old Man: Hello ladies, would you be interested -
Pan-pan: ... Shui-lian, calm down. It's broad daylight and he's old, he can't get to us.
NOM: Er, actually, I am a hired job recruiter for the factory and am handing out flyers.
Pan-pan: Why don't we just hear the guy out before judging?
Shui-Lian: ... Fine. But I don't have to like it.

They're a lot of fun, and I love how Ye deals with the good and bad stuff Shui-Lian and Pan-pan go through together. You just can't help but root for them. =D

Hopefully either one of my pimpage sold the books to the unbelievers previously unconvinced! =D


ninefly said...

damn, I completely forgot the name of #2 and I don't recognize #5 at all DDDDD8 and #4 makes me nostalgic lol 8D
I might enter this later, you've kinda won me over w/ the squee though, damn *flail*

Michelle (su[shu]) said...

I have no idea who #5 is, and for some reason, #3 looks so damned familiar, it's killing me not to know her name! Oh, that and plus I have no idea how to spell #4's name. Sigh.. (oh, I typed her chinese name in to find how to spell it. Hehe.. not cheating I hope?)

Just entered. And of course, congrats for getting 50+ followers!

Ah Yuan // wingstodust said...

No worries, you're not cheating. 8D

Hehe, I'm waiting for someone to get #5. *twirls fingers in anticipation*

April (BooksandWine) said...

Yeah, so the coffee thing definitely happens to me a lot, like I'll be reading and drinking coffee and the stupid dog will come jump on me, resulting in coffee spills on the book.

MissAttitude said...

I totally know #1! Except it's escaping me right now. ugh. Why is it that the only Asian actresses I know are Sandra Oh and the mysterious #1 and the actor from Sisterhood of the traveling Pants/He's just Not that Into You (Idk his name but he is SO CUTE!)

I'll link to this and tweet

MissAttitude said...

K so I'm stupid, I didn't realize you were giving extra entries for linking and tweeting, I just wanted to spread the word.

And now you have 66 followers, HOORAY! I love your summaries of the book, I want them both NOW. please. thanks :)

#2 looks totally familar too. argh this is driving me crazy! I will hit myself when I see the answers, I'm sure

misskallie2000 said...

WOW, I'm afraid old timers has hit me hard. All the ladies look familiar but absolutely no name has come to me..LOL..I am only 67 so I should not have this problem.LOL
You have 68 followers now. I just found you on another blog, Bookworming in the 21 Century".
I like your blog. Very funny and interesting.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Haku said...

hi thanks for make it international I filled out the form, so enter me please, congrats for your blog!