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*My first foray into an Author Interview with Andrew Xia Fukuda is up! (Should I do more?)
*My first manga review for Natsume Yuujinchou V.1 - please let me know what you think

About the Blog and I


This is a book blog wherein I primarily review novels. Most of the novels I'll be talking about will lean heavily towards the YA category, because YA makes up 3/4 of all the books I read and YA has some of the best kinds of books, obviously! 8D There is also a smatterings of MG books, the occasional Adult SFF or literary title, and I'm hoping to include more manga reviews, French novels reviews, and maaaaaaaaaaybe venture forth into reviewing Non-Fiction land. Though I suspect the last is far in the future.

I mostly created this blog because 1) I love reading and 2) sometimes I just have a lot to say about the books I read and doing a review or just general thinky-thoughts on a body of written works helps me sort out my own thoughts. Also I figured being part of an online community full of people who enjoy reading is clearly an awesome place to be.

I also believe in seeking out books that reflect the varied and diverse people of our own realities, and I do my best to look for LGBT and POC titles.* This personal choice of mine will definitely impact the type of books that end up being reviewed here. I also hope to encourage this place to be a safe space for people to talk about LGBT and POC literature and will attempt to monitor my blog accordingly.

FYI, I am less keen on going around reviewing the latest book in the market because I like to wait around for paperback and or library copies (poor college kid here), so with a few exceptions, you will not find news on the Latest Most Exciting YA release updates in this book blog.

Most of all, I really hope to make this blog a fun place for visitors to interact and want to come back to again and again, because most of the fun of being part of a blogging community is talking to others about shared passions! So yes, it's NICE TO MEET Y'ALL~ *waves and beams*

*I am still not very good at seeking out titles with people who are differently abled, but I am (slowly, ever so slowly ToT) attempting to work on a reading list that put differently abled protagonists on the front stage of their novels. Further updates on this will come in, hopefully, a not so distant future.


Hello! Some may know me as wingstodust, but I mostly go around the book blogging sphere as Ah Yuan. Ah Yuan is the pinyin transliteration of 阿媛, my Chinese name. Well, technically the Yuan part is my Chinese name, and the 'Ah' prefix attached to it is used to say my name in an affectionate way. (Also, no one would just call me 'Yuan' when talking to me in Chinese, that is just weird.) So yes, please call me Ah Yuan, or just Yuan if you want, but do refrain from calling me 'Ah', because... it's very odd. Very, very odd. lol!

Anyhow... What else? Well, I am an Asian-Canadian gal (Specifically I think of myself as South-East Asian-MALAYSIA FTW) running around a liberal arts college trying to figure out what to do with my life. I like to spend the majority of my free time reading, be it YA novels or manga, and then the rest of it watching US/British/East Asian tv shows. I'm always up for a good night out karaoke-ing (especially if we're in a Chinese karaoke bar, w00t Taiwan music!) and I love to indulge in eating. One day I hope to be completely fluent in French and be able to order Chinese food in restaurants without embarrassing myself with my horrendous accent and limited vocabulary, and have enough money to sustain my book reading habits. Becoming a novelist would be a great bonus as well. One can dream, right? 8D

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