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Friday, October 14, 2011

This is not quite a goodbye post

Hey. There are a few things this blog post is not about

1) This is not the post wherein I say goodbye to the blogsphere all together.

2) Nor, is this the blog post announcing a renewed vigour of blogging... at least on this particular blog.

Over the last year in France, I felt myself change and grow in ways that are not reflected in the self that used to blog here, before I left for exchange. I was feeling a fatigue, and I thought of quitting so many times, but I still find myself lurking over review pages, never quite able to give things up. I knew I needed to change though, a restart.

So this is, I guess, a kind of table rase, a creation of a new book blog, a fresh start.

I will not delete this blog, not just yet. But I might in the future. Or I might not. Still indecisive, always.

My new book blog is

Perhaps I'll see some beloved familiar faces there.


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