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Sunday, August 29, 2010

AM IN FRANCE + 150 Followers w00t! + Linky Guest Posts + Upcoming Blogoversary

HEY FOLKS. Long time no... exist?! I truly apologize, it's just that this year I'm on a France exchange (aka I'm studying this year in France. In a French University. FOR A YEAR. AHHHHHHHH) and August was this mad dash to get all my papers sorted out and you know, getting together my living expenses and making myself familiar with the town I'm in... Okay, basically it's been deathly busy, my month of August, and I'm sorry for the lack of comments/replies/posts/etc etc. But I thinkkkkkk by next week, it will be less hectic for me and I can start making posts again! Because I have a lot of posts I want to make! 8D (but NOT until the end of tuesday, because right now I have to study for my language test, holy shit I knew I should have opened my grammar book this summer but nooooooooooooo)

Like this whole 150 followers thing! THANK YOU for choosing to follow me!! Unfortunately I won't be able to do any giveaways to celebrate because I kind of really need to conserve my money, especially this first stretch of settling myself down in a new place, and also I didn't lug any books across the ocean with me to giveaway. Well, unless you're including my copy of Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey. BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT, IT'S MINE MINE MINE. (You may read Agnes Grey on Gutenberg for free though, YOU SHOULD ALL READ IT, I HAVE SUCH LOVE FOR THIS BOOK, OMG.) Buuuuuuuut, I was thinking I could send people a mail of a personalized booklist recs!

Basically you tell me your likes/dislikes in a novel, and I'll put together a list of minimum 3 novels I think you'll enjoy. Everyone who asks for this will get an email from me, but there will be a draw for a customized, snail mailed booklist letter to the one lucky winner by moi at the end. But I'm not sure if anyone wants this, so I'd just like to take a poll to gauge the interest. If there's more no's than yes's then I won't bother with mailing anything out, but for the people who are interested, I'll set up a post where you can leave me your email and I'll fire away some recs at you. =D

Ahaha, I know this isn't much of a post, but I'll link to a guest post I made for Ari here: Let Us Write Our History, in which I talked about the fictional depiction of (sourlander) Asians in history through the English language canon, pulling from novels to movies to musical examples. Though, I do want to make a note that I really DO NOT think the solution is as simple as just getting more Asians to writing Asian historicals as the title might imply, but really I suck at making titles and I suppose it will have to do. This was er, actually the guest post I meant to write for Ari back then for her blogoversary but I am REALLY REALLY SLOW and thus ended up finishing it later than I wanted to.

Shoutout to Emma, I swear your guest post is coming! I'm just, really really slow. But it'll most likely end up being the usual very long guest posts I tend to end up writing, so maybe its length will make it worth it?! So sorry.

Note to self: Stop accepting to do guest posts unless I have up to 2 months to prepare or it comes with a prompt that I can more or else easily manage to brainstorm ideas for a post.

Blogoversary - it's coming up! I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I will do to celebrate, but er there will of course definitely not be any giveaways this round, ahaha... But I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing guest posts for me here? If you are please drop a comment here with some means to contact you and we'll talk! =D


LM Preston said...

Wow! An exchange in France... enjoy yourself!

Diana Dang said...

Have fun! Great meeting you before you left! :D Blog a lot about France!!

Donna said...

Congrats on the followers!

MissAttitude said...

Ahh I'm sorry about the suck-y title! I was just thinking of something that would catch people's attention but later on I thought about how I hated that it said 'let us' because if you want to write about your history just do it, And then, like you, I realized that it will take more than that. *sigh* So I screwed up. It was a fantastic post though :)

Have fun in France! That is amazing, no apologies needed! I wouldn't blame you if you never posted ;) But I would be sad =/

I'm glad to hear that Agnes Grey is good. I want to read a book by all the Bronte sisters and all I have left is Anne's book.

Helen's Book Blog said...

I was in Paris this summer and had a great time! My junior year abroad was in Germany and Austria...have a wonderful time and we'd love to hear about your time in France even if it isn't book related!

Jodie said...

France is so nice, full of sunshine and the food is gorgeous. Congrats on the follower numbers and the upcoming blogiversary (I would totally love a personalised rec list for you btw).

Emma said...

Oh wow, France will be an awesome experience for you!

And don't worry about rushing. Thanks for writing the guest post in the first place.

Sapphire Pyro said...

That's so awesome! Have fun over there ^^

Doret said...

Have fun in France. If you can post more pics, so we can envy you just a bit.