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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Behold, a SCHEDULE

Gratuitous Image, because I can.

lol... How much do I SUCK at this updating thing??!?!? *dies* So since it's Hallowe'en, I will shock and surprise everyone by kinda updating with a schedule that I will more or less try to stick to!! So basically I'm updating but not really...

Sunday - One-Shot Sundays: In which I will post about whatever original short story that I feel like. =D

Monday - Feature Book of the Month . (more about that below)

Tuesday - Tuesday's Taste: In which I will quote a passage I find particularly striking in a book I'm reading. (Idea from Taste Life Twice)

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Throwback Thursdays: In which I reread and post about books I've loved when I was wee. =D (Idea from ETA Taste Life Twice)

Friday - Friday ETA Links Roundups: In which I link to Book Reviews and other interesting things in the book blogsphere I enjoyed that week.

Saturday - Triple Snapshots: In which I give a quick, one paragraph description of my impressions on three novels.

Now, about my Feature Book of the Month thing. See, I often find that with books I enjoy, I either have very little to say, very incoherent fangirl squee to say, or too much to say (yet in a rational manner). Every time I type a review on my word document, they either get ridiculously long, or they're like, the length of about three sentences or something. So I decided that instead of wrestling over what I should cut out of a review for books I Have A Lot To Say about, I should just talk about this one book every monday for the month!! Hence, my FBM thing. =D First Monday would be a general review, then the later Mondays I could go off on little tangents and scruntize different aspects of the novel I want to explore.


Anyhow, hopefully with an official schedule I'll actually be good about updating now. Erm, no promises though, since I kinda decided to do NaNoWriMo and I can't be held accountable for my actions...

My first update will be the Feature Books Thing, since I'm really excited about that. =D Sry peeps, but y'all will just have to wait till next Sunday for my short story review stuff. =/


ninefly / angeltyuan said...

yay, you have blogger too \8D/ added you to my blogroll <3
dude, you're gonna be busy every day of the week...sounds fun >D

Ah Yuan said...

Yeah, I'm thinking I'll end up failing at keeping to the schedule by the end of this week, tops. *has not faith in self*

MissAttitude said...

I actually didn't come up with Throwback Thrusday, Taste Life Twice did. I thought of Male Monday.
I love the Featured Book of the Month idea! There are certain books that I just want to go on and on about, but I don't in order to keep my reviews a nice length.

Ah Yuan said...

Ahhh~ *goes off to edit* lol, it's because I mostly remember your Throwback Thursday posts that I thought you came up with it. ^^;;; Should have double checked. ^^;;

lol yeahhh, I decided I wanted Featured Book because I'm absolutely terribleeee about cutting things down. This way I get to rant and rave without worrying about rambling on for too long. 8D