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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Here Be Intro Post

*waves* Hi! I'm Yuan, and some may or may not know me as wingstodust on LJ/DW. And I started up this blog in order to have a space to rave about my novels and any other fictional prose I get my hands on. For novels, I have a passion for reading YA stuff with a nice, healthy dose of fantasy, but I'd read across the genres if it contains elements in fiction that appeal to me. (I'll do up a post of my likes/dislikes in fictional prose soon...) So basically there will be reviews and random babbling on anything fictional prose related.

However, I will mention here that I'll not be blogging poetry (i'm more of a prose person), non-fiction, and any form of sequential art such as comics or manga. For the last two, it's not because I don't like them. In fact, i actually like non-fiction, especially personal essay types. but I want to stick to fictional-y things. And I am a big manga freak but I always view a novel reading experience and a comic reading experience as separate (related, yes, but they aren't the same) and I read the two with very different mindsets. I have another blog I keep separate for sequential art/animation related subjects. lol but that's neither here or there...

Anywho, Hi! =D I'll hopefully be getting around to a real review post tomorrow but right now I will content myself with the feeling of a job complete and head to sleep. Zzzz........


Color Online said...

Hi Ah Yuan,

Thanks for having us in your blogroll. I've added your site. Come by and chat with me. Glad you're reading at CO, I hope you'll join the conversations. I see we frequent some of the same spots. :-)

MissAttitude said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!
Looking forward to your reviews :)